Dig Deeper and Deeper is a puzzle game made for the Ludum Dare 48. The theme was "Deeper and Deeper".

You have to dig your way to the bottom of a bottom-less pyramid, solving puzzles and making the rocks roll and destroying sand. The deeper you go, there will be some other obstacles and deep enough you might find treasure with magic properties, but the goal is always to go deeper and deeper.

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Made withPuzzleScript
TagsLudum Dare 48, PuzzleScript
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This is the game jam version done in under 48 for the Ludum Dare 48 compo. There's a newer version with additional polish at https://vexorian.itch.io/dig-and-dig-deep .  

I recommend to play the more-polished version. Play this version only if you are judging the Game Jam entry.