Boolean Bloom . It's a puzzle game with 9 levels. Plants grow and you have to use your wit to move the flowers to the right positions. Plant Sokoban?

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Made withPuzzleScript
Tagsmade-with-puzzlescript, Pixel Art, PuzzleScript

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Very nice!  I'm enjoying working through the levels :)  I like how easy/enjoyable it is to push around the plants - everything is more than willing to move!

wow thanks. I posted a link to the source code if you need it. Uses a fork but just for the level selector.

This game is hard

omg.... i want to do it a game similar :0

Dude I want to see more. Really great puzzle concept and level design!

well nice puzzle!My brain is tired after I play this game

It was a difficult but fun puzzle.

This is great! Love the pushing mechanic!

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Really nice puzzle game! This resurrected my brain cells after I completed each puzzle. Good Work!


I too believe that good gardening requires sacrificing yourself and letting your body provide nutrients to the perfectly placed plants.

Best puzzles i found so far in the jam! Totally recommended :D 

Good puzzles, good that it is possible to restart and undo the move, and nice graphics.

Nice little puzzle game :)

++Good puzzle game. nice implementation of pushing blocks. 

- the screen is little bit too small. 

Very cool game, love main menu.

nice puzzles, I really like the small sprites too, they fit super well

These puzzles leave you scratching your head minutes on end, good job!

Very cool! I like it :D

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The puzzles are very challenging but fun to solve! I'm stuck on level 5 :')